2020 – The year of AR at arfected


What a year it has been – 2020! A year where the world turned upside down and inside out. A roller coaster year for arfected, too. Starting the year off with some awesome social AR filters, the global pandemic forced creative agencies and brands to step-up their digital game and promote their products and services through online channels instead of in their physical stores. Many awesome filters have been created this past year and we would like to take you on a trip down 2020 lane and share our work with you.

Social AR filters

Social AR filters, on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, were booming this year. These filters are easily accessible and fun to play around with, which sometimes resulted in being exposed to a filter (and at the same time, the brand) for over 45 seconds. Below, we have outlined our most developed types of filters for our clients.


Campaign launches

From healthy Grenade bars to album releases, arfected has helped many different types of businesses to promote products, new songs of famous artists and set-up cool AR experiences for the Holiday Season. Social AR has proved itself as a perfect tool for campaign launches.


This year, we have seen that Social AR games were insanely popular. With just the mimics of one’s face, such as opening your mouth, blinking your eyes or blowing a kiss, a whole series of events can happen in an AR filter. We had the privilege of developing some kick-ass game filters for Driscolls, Grenade and Warner Music.


A new and approachable way for artists to promote their new albums is through social AR filters. A snippet of their new song can be heard while the user is playing an AR game or interacts with album-related elements.

Creativity fueled by a global pandemic

Social distancing filter Bacardí

The global pandemic also resulted in bars and restaurants having to close their doors for a specific period of time in the beginning of this year. Once these restrictions were lifted, Bacardí and AMV BDDO had the impactful idea to create a social distancing filter, which could be used by users to detect whether they had enough distance between themselves and the people around them. 

Virtual Store

In New-Zealand, the complete lockdown resulted in all physical stores having to close and retail shops having to sell their products through online channels. Creative agency 99 teamed up with arfected to develop an entire virtual store for Spark – a telecom company. Within a tight time schedule, the store was built in the cloud, where online visitors could explore the virtual store, browse interactive 3D models of products, view product demos and chat with the staff. Curious what the key benefits of a Virtual Store are? Check them out here.