5 Fun Animal AR Filters

Always doubted to get a pet, because you wouldn’t be at home enough?

Or because you’d have to go out, even in the rain? Or maybe because you don’t have enough space?

Or because you might have an allergy?

We’ll show you our 5 favorite augmented reality animal filters so you can get a little pet-lovin’ from home, without worrying about that allergic reaction!


Have this cheetah by your side while working from home. No worries, he doesn’t bite ?

In for a laugh with your colleagues in an online call? Try this face-to-horse transformation. Neighs guaranteed!?

Feeling a bit growly today? Try this bear-head filter ?


For all the animal lovers who don’t want to choose just one. ?

In need for some cuddles? This cutie cat will keep you company. It won’t hold your pen, but oh well. At least it’s warm. ?


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