About us.

WHAT WE DO - Provide the opportunity for brands to appear in what normally are private conversations.

We do this, by creating impactful, engaging experiences, for high-end international brands for the next generation of fans and shoppers.

With our never ending enthusiasm for augmented reality and immersive digital experiences, we are more than happy to dive together with your team into the core of your brand, service or product and think of any interactive opportunities to let it stand out in a rapid moving market.

WHO ARE WE - We are a team of young professionals with sky-high knowledge of the world of Augmented Reality and Web 3.0. As official creators and partners of Meta and Snapchat, we have early access to the newest AR features on multiple social platforms. With this privilege, we are able to get your AR experience to the next level. Our team proves dedication, great eye for detail and personal communication which lead to great collaborations with our clients.
HOW WE ROLL - From A to Z, our team is here to teach you all about the possibilities of AR and interactive Web 3.0, give you tips on how to get your immersive digital experience in the wide-open and update you on the performance of your filter or e-commerce virtual store, based on the statistics. arfected aims to be the immersive digital experience tutor for you and your team and get you as enthusiastic about the potential of this great innovation.

The Team

Bram van de Ven


Dominique Hopman

AR designer

Wilrick de Barbanson

AR developer

Emma Hermans

Graphic Designer

Chiem Nafzger

Multimedia Designer

Dylan van de Laar

Software Developer

Lars Bijleveld

Creative Developer

Mike Vos

Project Manager

Tom Koevoets

Multimedia Designer

Femke van den Hurk


Veronica Baroni


Bo-Bette van der Elst


Kyra van der Linden


Mika Wishaupt


Ready to drop some jaws?

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