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A new media to reach a new generation. And a new generation that is tired of regular ads and all the noise. They have learned to distinguish businesses that try to push their products down their throats from businesses that can actually add value to their lives.

Use augmented reality to your advantage and learn how you can add value to the lives of your target group. Whether you’re an influencer, brand or advertising agency:  ARfected helps you create interactive augmented reality experiences, built for social media.

Bram van de Ven

founder & creator

Official Snapchat Lens Creator and AR enthusiast. A Superstar for his allround creativity and know-how.

Luka Lan Gabriel

project manager & creator

Official Snapchat Lens Creator and very new media savvy. A Superstar for knowing what works and what doesn’t.


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Our flexible teams consist of a Superstar and Stars, each with their own expertise.
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