Re-design your house in AR with Ikea Studio

Ikea Studio

Ikea comes with a new app called “Ikea Studio”, which was created in collaboration with STUDIO10. The release date is still uncertain. At the moment the app is only available in TestFlight for people (with an Apple device) who have received an invitation.


What’s new? 

As many people know, Ikea already has an app called “Ikea Place”. With this app it was already possible to place various items, from the Swedish furniture giant, in your own environment. This way you can get an idea of how it would look in your existing interior and whether it would fit or not. You place a piece of furniture in your own space and the app makes it possible to see the piece from close up and further away. It also makes it possible to walk around the item in 360.


The new app, Ikea Studio, uses LiDAR sensors that are located in the Iphone 12. These make it possible to measure your space, “hide” the existing furniture as well as placing new furniture. The walls can be painted and decorations can be ‘hung’. This actually allows you to plan your entire 3D home, including the doors and windows, and then share your freshly designed home with friends and family.



This technique makes it possible to design and furnish your own spaces in an easy, accessible way. Because the app can measure the space and the furniture very precisely, many bad buys can be prevented. Certainly in the time we live in now with the pandemic, where it’s preferred to welcome fewer people in the stores, it is an incredibly good development in which people gain an optimal shopping experience from home and more.


A small disadvantage of the app is that the Ikea shop is not linked to this new platform. Therefore you have to search for the furniture of your own composed room again in the shop to pay and order.

Ikea Studio from Plan8 on Vimeo.