AR in 2021… what will be the new trends? 👀


In the past year we’ve seen a lot of amazing AR filters on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. There have also been a few remarkable AR try-on experiences that allow you to accurately place a product in your environment. Now that AR has shown its potential in 2020, what new trends will develop in 2021? We’ve gathered the arfected team to discuss the future of Augmented Reality. Check out our thoughts below!


Bram - founder

The rapidly growing support for in-browser AR will only continue to grow, allowing developers to tap into the power of the hardware even more. I’m really hoping for a first look at Facebook’s Aria and Apple’s AR initiative. AR on social media has proven to be very effective when it comes to impressions and engagement rates, I’m expecting a bigger variety of AR ad-types to pop up, allowing the bigger brands to leverage this success.

AR will get better support to recognise physical objects and to interact with them. The newest iPhones will be able to adjust the AR content based on the user’s environment.

Dominique Hopman

Dominique - AR designer

Wilrick de Barbanson

Wilrick - AR developer

I personally feel like AR is still somewhat in its infancy. While platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have accepted AR in the form of filters there is a whole range of possibilities that have yet to see the light. 

Developments like LiDAR sensors and AR-glasses are an amazing step in the right direction. Even though both technologies will need some time and cost-reduction to be used by a wider range of people, they show that huge improvements in quality and useability are being rolled out right now. It will take a while before we’ll all be walking around with our AR glasses but these improvements are steps toward a quality of AR-experiences far above current possibilities. New hardware also means more ways to use AR. See-through displays, new and improved sensors will bring AR outside peoples’ phones. I think that starting 2021 we will see AR being implemented in larger installations for stores, museums and events. 

As for software I am most excited about the improvements for web-based AR. There are some amazing platforms but technologies like plane tracking are reserved for the bigger (and more expensive) platforms. I hope to see libraries like these make their way to a larger group of web developers. Working with AR for web instead of closed platforms, and the restrictions coming with them, would give people a lot of freedom and room for creativity.

I feel that AR will get many more possibilities for customers in 2021. Currently, only mobile applications or social media filters are the mostly accessed AR functionalities by customers. This year, a lot more products such as Mario Kart Live will access the market, where the customer can invest in specific developed hardware, to get the ultimate AR experience.

Emma Hermans

Emma - Graphic designer

Noor-1 (1)

Noor - Intern AR designer

I think in 2021, AR will be used for retail and advertisement purposes. This year, I have already seen more commercials with AR elements or campaigns with AR support. AR makes it possible to shop from home in lockdown and still see the product, advertisements. I think AR advertisements could be the next big thing!

As quite a newbie in the world of AR, I’ve been amazed by the overwhelming capabilities of AR. I feel that 2020 was the year that many different target groups have been able to explore and understand the functionalities of AR: a fundamental has been drawn up until now. I foresee that 2021 will be the year that AR will be more integrated in our daily lives. Instead of only focusing on the ‘fun’ part of AR, such as face games on Instagram, a more impactful approach will become important for people, such as trying products in AR. Especially the retail branche will continue taking their AR efforts to a next level. I also feel that the Out Of Home advertisement will see an increase in efforts, as people understand how to interact with AR, with just a few clicks.


Lorainne - Project manager

What are your thoughts?

Let us know what you think will be the best and most exciting developments for 2021. We love to chat about this stuff, so feel free to reach out to set up a 30 min videocall to pick our brains!