AR on Messenger

Interacting with your colleagues and/or friends with an AR filter? It is possible! Facebook Messenger introduces ‘group effects’. This feature allows all participants in the group to use the same AR filter at the same time! So get those water balloons out and start a battle!

Fun and engaging videocalling experience

But let’s get serious for a moment, how can this feature be interesting? Besides the fun factor and the high probability of engaging your customers with your brand, this can be groundbreaking for artists. Because of the shared AR functionality, you can make music together! Remember the box AR filter? Imagine enjoying the new Ed Sheeran song with your friends all across the world, complete with AR effects tailored to each user! This brings a whole new dimension to discovering new releases from artists.

Videocalling on Instagram

Although only available to Facebook Messenger right now, the company says a videocall-like function is coming to Instagram! This way the engagement and shareability of these filters will skyrocket!

Currently, there are 70 filters available in Messenger. Facebook says developers will be able to build more group effects using its Spark AR API from the end of the month. It’s a shift from the service’s existing augmented reality features, which tend to only apply to one phone at a time.

Messenger AR effects

Videocalling effect for your brand

So are you ready to explore this new world of working together online and having fun with your friends? Let us know your crazy ideas, we are ready for them!