Dolce&Gabbana x arfected

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We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana, for their Eyewear 2021 campaign. With Summer around the corner, Dolce&Gabbana asked us to take their Eyewear experience to a next level. By using multiple AR experiences deployed on Instagram and Facebook, users are able to try out four different types of sunglasses in a variety of colours!

With the introduction of this type of AR experience, Dolce&Gabbana is able to let their fans try out their product with only a few clicks and have them share it across their favourite social channels. How cool is that!

Want to try out the new Dolce&Gabbana Eyewear collection as well (you definitelty should)? Try out the male models and female models here. Open these on your phone!

Some great stats!

The female filter:
2 million views, 1.7 million opens, 135K captures and 16K shares


The male filter:

500K views, 300K opens, 55K captures and 8K shares

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of creating a AR experience for your brand? Let us know your crazy ideas, we are ready for them! We would also love to tell you all about the possibilities and functionalities that AR has and come up with concepts for your campaigns.