The secret behind a playtime of 45 seconds.

A Snapchat AR filter was deployed to persuade a young generation of the Driscoll's brand.
The Communication Company was responsible for this tasteful campaign, that focused on the quality of Driscoll’s, Only the Finest Berries. Together with ads on media outlets, local store ads, prerolls on YouTube, a Snapchat AR game was used to tempt a young audience to try these tasty berries.
Driscolls AR Game

The story and stats behind the campaign.

The goal of the game is to catch as many berries as you can, while you avoid the bees that leave a nasty sting!
The AR filter reached more than 800.000 people. It scored an average playtime of 45 seconds.



45 seconds




How we made it work.

It's simple really: create content that your audience will love. Keep it short. Keep it snackable. Keep it shareable.
SHORT - Create an experience that grabs the attention of your audience and guide them through the rollercoaster ride that is your AR experience. But keep it short (keep that impressive 8s attention span in mind).
SNACKABLE - Your audience will consume your content whenever they feel like it. Whether they’re in college, waiting in line, in an elevator or in the waiting room at the dentist, they need to be able to consume your content. Anywhere.
SHAREABLE - Make your content shareable by adding value for its users. It can be funny, goofy, pretty or sexy, but give your users an incentive to share your experience.

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