A different egg for each head.

My graduate internship at We are Blossom has been all about creating social AR. But how do you tell the outside world you’re now capable of building these AR experiences as a company? Right, with eggheads. To give our fans the means to create some funny Easter pictures, we decided to create the Easter Eggheads filter on Facebook.

How it works and what that means

This effect was made in Facebook’s AR Studio. With AR Studio you can track up to five different faces, and connect a different 3D model to each face. What happens in this effect is that each effect gets the same 3D model of the eggshell, but with a different texture. The textures are just simple, colorful models as you can see in the video above.

AR Studio and the eggshell
3D model with texture #1 on the left, preview on the right.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for other creative lenses, where you can assign a different 3D model or texture to each of the five heads. Snapchat uses the multi-face tracking as well. Snapchat motivates you to use those lenses with friends, which makes the entire experience a lot more fun.

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