How to make your AR filter successful?

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You had a special filter made to support your marketing campaign, but not a lot of people have used it? That’s a pity… I mean, both you and we have probably put in a lot of work to get to the end result. That’s why we are sharing some tips & tricks on how to make your AR filter successful. Some of these can be taken into account while creating the filter, others can be used while the filter is already live. Today we’ll share the first 4 tips with you.


1. Shareability
Make sure people can share your filter in order for it to go viral. By implementing a feature by which people have to record a video before the filter does its work, it’s only one click away from being shared.


2. Interaction
Adding a game element to your filter results in people using the filter for a longer time. Especially if the game contains a high score feature, people would want to beat the high score. Would you like to see an example of a game filter? Check out our Driscoll’s case where we managed to reach a playing time of 45 seconds!


3. Influencers

Get influencers or other influential people to use your filter. Once their following sees them using your lens they would want to try it for themselves as well.


4. Relatable
Make sure your filter is relatable. The more people can recognise themselves or something they have seen in your filter, the more likely they are to use and share the filter.