A light leak, a little grain and a red date stamp for the true hipsters.

Building fun, interactive lenses is one thing. Building aesthetic lenses is another.

A lot of Snapchat lenses owe their success to the teeth whitening – eye sharpening – jawline highlighter that are used to make the user more attractive. I mean, who doesn’t like looking at a more appealing version of themselves?

Take a look below how actual users used the Oldskool Lens to add aesthetics to everyday life.

How it works and what that means

This lens is a combination of a few simple overlays, that result in a very aesthetic look when combined. Adding those aesthetics to a snap is another way of adding value for your users, and a very important one at that. The numbers below have been achieved within 4 weeks after releasing the lens. 

Oldskool lens numbers
That's 3.35 MILLION.

Now imagine these numbers on a branded lens. Impossible? Not as long as you keep in mind to add value to your users. Make sure to provide incentive to use and (more importantly) share your lens, and these numbers can be achieved on a branded lens just as easily.

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