Do you want to gain more insights into the possibilities of augmented reality, innovative e-commerce solutions or other immersive digital experiences? We have gathered best practices, tips & tricks and interesting reads for you to gain more knowledge on these topics.

Promoting your AR filter

Hooray! Your AR experience is live, congratulations! But what to do with it now?

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Reach a new generation

The secret behind a playtime of 45 seconds for generation Z. Check it out!

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AR functionalities

The possibilities and capabilities of AR. All explained on one page!

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Tell us about it

Hop on a call and let us know your craziest ideas. We are more than ready for them.

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Uploading your effect

Curious to know how to upload your filter? Check it out on this page.

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Some interesting articles

We’ve been featured in a new edition of the Fonk magazine. Give it a go!

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