Snapchat Partner Summit 2021 – New features

Last week we were invited to the Snapchat Partner Summit and gosh are we impressed with these new features!?

We’ll share the newest features and possibilities that were announced by the Snap Partner summit 2021.

New possibilities in short: 

  • Lens Studio 4.0 & Ghost 
  • Connected Lenses
  • New machine learning capabilities (3D body mesh, cloth simulation & reactivity). 
  • Digital instruments 
  • Snapchat marketplace
  • Bitmoji expansion 
  • Updated snap-map 
  • Spectacles 

That’s a lot of awesome stuff. Let us explain what it is all about. 

Lens Studio 4.0 & Ghost

Lens Studio 4.0, as well as Ghost, a new AR innovation lab, have been announced by the Partner Summit. 

Connecting lenses

Through ‘Connected Lenses’ users can interact together with digital objects using AR. For example, building with Lego together

Machine learning capabilities

Another new feature that lens creators have now access to is 3D Body Mesh and Cloth Simulation. These are new machine learning capabilities that enable the user to try on clothes, using your snap camera. It also gives lens creators the ability to import and create their own custom machine learning models, in addition to recognise over 500 categories of objects. Finally, Snap’s machine learning tools are increasingly being used to augment physical items with information. Integrations with Screen-shop will allow users to scan outfits to shop for clothing and a partnership with AllRecipes will allow users to browse recipes based on ingredients visible through the Snap Camera.

An example for browsing recipes with AllRecipes through the Snap Camera.

Browse recipes with AllRecipes through the Snap Camera

Digital instruments

Users can make music with the Orba & INSTRUMENT 1’s digital instruments. They’ve connected notes to physical objects in your environment, in order to compose some tunes from home. 


Snapchat also opened an eye to e-commerce. Different partners are using the company’s new tools for voice and gesture-controlled virtual product try-ons, social shopping experiences in AR and more.. It’s a new Creator Marketplace to connect businesses running e-commerce on the platform with lens creators. This means new opportunities for lens creators, new outreach opportunities for businesses, and more fun and informational AR experiences for online shoppers/Snapchat users.

An example of Farfetch clothing try-on through the Snap Camera. An example of what the creators marketplace looks like.

Fartech clothes try-on                                        Creator Marketplace

The Bitmoji that people on snapchat can use to emoji-fy themselves has gotten an update as well. It’s now possible to use your Bitmoji as a character in games on mobile devices, computers and even console games made by participating developers using Unity. Watch out Mario 😉

Updated Snap Map 

In the new version of the Snap Map it’s possible to not only find other users, but also to find information about events and businesses. There will also be a memories feature to show posts tied to a physical location by visiting them on the Snap Map. 


Last, but definitely not least is the announcement of the next generation of Spectacles. They have been around for a while, but the game changed today.. 

The new spectacles feature dual-waveguide displays with a 26.3-degree field-of-view, and built-in touchpad control. Dual cameras allow 6-degrees-of-freedom hand and surface tracking, and a built-in microphone allows for voice commands. Weighing in at 134g, the glasses have a half-hour operating life.

The new spectacles which were announced on the Snap Partner Summit 2021.

The new Spectacles

Oh, Snap, that was awesome.. Want to read more about the new features that were announced at the Snapchat Partner Summit 2021? Check out this link.