The Nightstand : BNNVARA 🤳

With great excitement we are introducing you: The Nightstand. In the video inserted in this blog we would like to show you more about this fun and educational experience.

Sexual education in AR

In collaboration with BNNVARA, we created The Nightstand. This is a Web AR experience, specifically for gay men who are looking for sexual education. Based on research done by innovation strategist Maartje van Beuningen from BNNVARA, we created a storyboard. These included different scenes that gay men can go through to listen to different stories. Check out the video below to watch the experience. It’s a good one!

Source: dtv nieuws

Sexual education in AR

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of creating a Web AR experience for your brand? Let us know your crazy ideas, we are ready for them! We would love to tell you all about the multiple Web AR platforms, because each of them has their own strong functionalities!