This is why AR is your best friend for next year

Have you missed out on the opportunity to create an AR experience this year? No worries, we’ll explain how AR can be your best friend next year in this blog. 

Marketing campaigns that include an AR experience, will have a higher success rate, says Poplar. AR has proven to be effective in spreading awareness, stimulating cognitive activity, and enhancing memory. We have reached 4.1 billion views with our internal filters, and we had zero advertisement costs. 

Did you see this?

That is the reaction we all strive for, a memorable, creative, and widely shared marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns benefit greatly from augmented reality. It is engaging, fun, and memorable for users. A perfect example of this is the filter we created for Albert Heijn for their marketing campaign “Oceaan plaatjes” – Ocean collectables. Our team collaborated with Boomerang agency and retail food store Albert Heijn for this exciting augmented reality filter for Instagram & Snapchat. The filter was a great success, it got shared and viewed a lot! 

Consumer interest is high for a broad range of AR experiences, compared to brands' interest in delivery them - Snapchat
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Source: Snapchat

It is time!

In collaboration with Ipsos, Snapchat published a report about the “ Augmentality Shift”. The use of augmented reality in daily life is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Consumers are much more interested in discovering new AR experiences than brands are in delivering them. The time has come for brands to create AR experiences to meet this demand and give consumers an entirely new experience.

Albert Heijn - Expeditie Oceaan
AR kantour

What should we create?

AR has unlimited possibilities; together, we can customize a unique experience that fits your brand. We are a team of young professionals with sky-high knowledge of the world of augmented reality and Web 3.0. As official creators and partners of Meta and Snapchat, we have early access to the newest AR features on multiple social platforms.  If you want to create an unforgettable AR experience, we have what it takes. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a (virtual) cup of coffee!

Holiday season

Do you have any budget left from 2022? We would love to create a unique AR experience for your brand. The holiday season is coming through, this is an excellent opportunity to create your first AR experience and to stand out among all the other Christmas campaigns.

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