Let augmented reality affect

Use social AR to engage with your audience.

Snapchat Lenses

As Creative partner of Snapchat we know exactly how to build engaging Lenses for the right audience.

Instagram Filters

Instagram Filters are in closed beta and we are in. The time to prepare for the global launch is now.

Facebook Filters

Reach a big audience and have ultimate control over the advertising of your filter on Facebook.

The camera is the next big thing

According to the Boston Consulting Group (and an entire generation), the camera is rapidly becoming the next big thing in advertising.

The new kids on the block are tired of being bombarded with static ads. They learn to manoeuvre around those and ads quickly become like a blind spot on a screen.

We use interactive augmented reality to combine the real world with the digital. This combination proves to be much more stimulating, because you’re suddenly able to see a product on your own face or on the table in front of you.

Recent influencer collaborations

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Recent work

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Zara Larsson - Ruin my Life Snapchat Lens
Bedroom in Arles Snapchat Lens
William Hill Snapchat Lens

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