FOOH videos are transforming advertising

Ever scroll past an ad and do a double take, thinking, "Did that billboard wink?" Welcome to the mind-bending world of FOOH (Fake Out of Home) videos, where reality and advertising blur thanks to CGI magic. But forget static billboards – FOOH videos transform any out-of-home space into interactive playgrounds, from bus stops and buildings to entire streets! So, what are these videos, and why are brands jumping on the FOOH bandwagon?

Unlike AR overlaying digital elements on your phone, FOOH videos seamlessly integrate CGI into real-world footage. Picture whales breaching from bus stop posters or buildings morphing into makeup compacts – the possibilities are endless.

Why the FOOH fuss?

Several key elements fuel the FOOH boom:

  1. Surprise and Novelty: Remember Maybelline's viral campaign where a bus transformed into a giant mascara wand? FOOH videos break through visual clutter with unexpected elements, grabbing attention and sparking instant curiosity.
  2. Immersive Storytelling: Imagine building facades morphing into waterfalls or park benches coming alive with dancing characters. FOOH videos go beyond showcasing products, creating immersive narratives that pull viewers into the brand story, fostering deeper connections.
  3. Shareable Experiences: Witnessing a FOOH video is an experience meant to share. The wow factor combined with interactivity encourages capturing and sharing the moment, amplifying brand reach and sparking organic social media buzz. Think Jacquemus's bus takeover that captivated the world!

Beyond billboards, the diverse FOOH possibilities

FOOH extends far beyond traditional billboards, transforming various out-of-home spaces into interactive canvases:

  • Bus stops: Imagine bus shelters dissolving into vibrant underwater scenes, promoting snorkeling gear brands.
  • Building facades: Picture towering office buildings becoming giant kaleidoscopes, celebrating a city's art scene.
  • Public transportation: Witness streetcars defying gravity or trams adorned with moving landscapes, advertising travel destinations.
  • Retail storefronts: Windows could showcase interactive product demos, inviting customers to engage before entering.

As far as technology goes

Technological advancements are pushing the boundaries of CGI possibilities, making them virtually limitless. These advancements will further blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. However, it's crucial for brands to leverage these innovations responsibly. This means ensuring seamless integration with the environment and avoiding overly intrusive experiences. Striking this balance will be key to maximizing the impact of CGI marketing while maintaining a positive user experience.

Examples that speak volumes

Several brands have already embraced FOOH to create remarkable experiences:

  • Maybelline: Their FOOH of a New York train that turned into a Falsies Surreal Mascara campaign garnered millions of views, while their London makeover with a mascara brush sweeping across buses and metros showcased interactive storytelling potential.
  • Dopper: Their LinkedIn Christmas tree campaign sparked discussions about environmental impact, highlighting FOOH's power to raise awareness and encourage dialogue.
  • Jacquemus: The French high fashion brand collaborated with Origiful, and created the viral video showing iconic Jacquemus handbags as big as a bus, driving through the Parisian streets, showcasing the creative potential of FOOH for all sorts of brands.

These examples demonstrate FOOH's vast potential to not only capture attention, but spark engagement and influence consumer behavior on a whole new level.

The future of out-of-home

With its ability to transform everyday spaces into captivating experiences, fake-out-of-home is also poised to redefine out-of-home advertising in 2024 and beyond. Looking for a source to receive case studies and feature updates? Learn more about our thoughts on successful campaigns and how this technology is changing the way we interact with brands in the physical world by clicking here.