Snapchat Filters: How lenses make a difference for brands

Forget flawless lighting, that influencer's dreamy glow is likely Snapchat filters magic! More than just playful effects, these digital tools have become a cultural force, shaping our self-perception and the world we see online. Join us as we explore the captivating world of Snapchat filters, from trendy styles to their societal impact, and even unveil how you can create your own!

Understanding Snapchat filters / lenses

Types of filters

Forget the basic dog filter (though it holds a special place in our hearts), Snapchat filters, or Lenses as they are technically called, offer a universe of wacky and creative effects beyond just enhancing selfies. Buckle up as we explore this diverse playground:

- Hilarious & Interactive: Get ready to giggle! Filters like "Baby" shrink your head for instant cuteness overload, while "Gender Swap" offers a playful peek into the other side. Interactive options like "Dancing Hotdog" respond to your moves, injecting fun into any snap.

- Augmented Reality Adventures: Transform your surroundings with immersive AR Lenses. Explore underwater worlds with "Ocean" or chill in outer space with "Astronaut." These experiences go beyond basic filters, offering interactive elements and real-time depth sensing for a truly mind-bending experience.

- Beauty & Transformation: Feeling adventurous? Unleash your inner superhero with "Hulk" or channel your feline side with "Cat." Experiment with virtual makeup in "Galaxy Eyes" or add playful animations with "Rainbow Glitter."

- Branded Fun: Discover unique filters created by your favorite brands! Try on virtual glasses or test out the latest lipstick shade before you buy. These interactive experiences offer a fun way to engage with brands and discover new products.

The most popular Snapchat filters

Just like Instagram filters (LINK), Snapchat filters rack up millions of views, with some becoming viral sensations. We're talking hundreds of millions of snaps here! So, what are the hottest filters everyone's using? Get ready to level up your snaps:

- "Dog Filter": The OG Snap Lens and still a classic! Add floppy ears, a wet nose, and a wagging tail for instant cuteness overload.

-"Gender Swap": Ever wondered what you'd look like as another gender? This playful Lens gives you a glimpse, sparking funny moments and interesting conversations.

- "Rainbow Glitter": Feeling sparkly? This Lens adds a dazzling layer of rainbow glitter to your face, perfect for adding some magic to your snaps.

- "AR Makeup Lenses": Experiment with virtual makeup without the commitment! From bold eyeshadow to playful glitter, these Lenses offer endless possibilities for exploring different looks.

The appeal of Snapchat filters

Ditch perfect selfies, Snapchat filters unlock a playful world! Imagine wacky transformations, interactive games, and ever-changing trends. Unleash your creativity, laugh with friends, and explore new styles daily. Brands join the fun too, offering virtual try-ons and engaging experiences. But wait, Lenses go deeper! Tell stories, spark conversations, and express yourself like never before through AR magic. Swipe, snap, and unleash your inner master – the fun never ends!

Beyond the Snap: Responsible Fun with Snapchat filters

Snapchat filters are a blast, boosting confidence, sparking creativity, and offering endless trend exploration. But like any powerful tool, responsible use is key. Here's what to remember:

The Double Snap: While Lenses can be empowering, constant exposure to unrealistic portrayals can fuel anxiety and unhealthy comparisons. Remember, they enhance, not define, reality.

Snap Smart: Be mindful of your time spent Snapping and set healthy boundaries. Don't let the pursuit of perfect Snaps overshadow real-life experiences.

Choose Fun, Choose Responsibility: When using branded filters, seek honest portrayals and avoid perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. Let's promote individuality and self-acceptance, not chase unattainable ideals.

Together, we can ensure Snapchat stays a fun and responsible playground for everyone!

How to create Snapchat filters

Ready to go beyond using existing Lenses and inject your own creative spark? Look no further than Snapchat Lens Studio! This free platform empowers anyone to design and publish Lenses – even with no coding experience.

Get Started:

When we get to work building an Snapchat filter for a brand, we stick to a process with multiple phases:

  • Concepting: Dream big! Define your filters' purpose, target audience, and desired effects. Sketch your vision and gather inspiration.
  • Build: We bring your ideas to life using Lens Studio's intuitive tools and tutorials. Design animations, add interactive elements, and refine functionality.
  • Publish: Share your filters with the world! Monitor performance, gather feedback, and continuously improve based on user engagement.

The differences between Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok

While all three platforms offer fun filters, key differences exist. Besides having different target audiences, the three platforms also offer different capabilities. For example, Snapchat and TikTok offer full 3D body tracking, whilst Instagram does not.

  • Focus: Snapchat leans towards playful, interactive Lenses, often with AR elements, while Instagram prioritizes aesthetically pleasing filters to enhance photos and videos. TikTok blends both, offering trendy, creative filters with a strong focus on social interaction.
  • Community: Snapchat fosters a more closed, intimate community, while Instagram and TikTok thrive on discoverability and virality.

Ultimately, the "best" filter platform depends on your desired experience: lighthearted fun (Snapchat), polished aesthetics (Instagram), or trendy, interactive content (TikTok). Ultimately, the demographics and psychographics of your desired target audience should determine which platforms works best for your campaign. This is something we take into account in our Concepting Phase (LINK).


Snapchat filters offer more than fleeting fun. They fuel self-expression, ignite creativity, and spark trends that connect millions. But with great power comes great responsibility. Remember:

  • Snap responsibly: Curated Snaps can fuel unrealistic comparisons. Stay mindful of time spent Snapping and celebrate individuality over unattainable ideals.
  • Choose fun, choose ethical: When using branded filters, advocate for honest portrayals and avoid perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. Let's promote self-acceptance and responsible brand engagement.

Together, we can ensure Snapchat remains a fun, responsible playground for everyone.

Ready to snap beyond the ordinary and create impactful filters for your brand? Our team of experts can help you navigate the world of Snapchat Lens Studio, guide you through the creative process, and ensure your vision comes to life. From concept to launch, we'll be by your side to craft engaging filters that resonate with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.