4 key benefits of Virtual Stores

Visiting physical stores is a challenge with lockdowns in place all over the world. However, with a 3D virtual store, you bring the shopping experience to the consumer's home. The Virtual Store can be accessed from desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Customers will have a much richer online shopping experience compared to traditional e-commerce shops. The team of arfected has teamed up with 99, to develop the first virtual store for Spark. Customers can now explore the virtual store, browse interactive 3D models of products, view product demos, and chat with the staff.

Analytics Anywhere 

A virtual store offers a unique peek inside online shopping behavior. You can for example analyze:

  • Areas of interest
  • Movement and clicks throughout the store
  • Products of interest and outbound link clicks
  • Devices, location, gender, etc.

However, we can take Analytics in a virtual store a step further. Google Analytics often has plenty of data on the interests of users. It can use this data to change the inventory in the store. Say someone is interested in Beauty & Fashion. You can show the beauty products more prominently in the store.

Better product experiences

Compared to regular webshops, virtual stores offer a much richer product experience. Therefore, you can look at your products from all angles, view them in different colors or materials and get live demos.

Next to that, with the latest developments in Augmented Reality, you can view products that are shown in 3D in the virtual store, in your own home. Just within a few clicks. You can place an accurately sized product, for instance: a couch, a closet, or in your living room before you purchase it. In that way, customers can literally ‘try before they buy’ and make a resolute decision, leading to fewer returns.

Rapidly change inventory or make campaign-related changes

Just like in physical stores, the inventory of a virtual store can change according to seasonality or running campaigns. Since everything is online, these changes can be applied within a few clicks. This enables store owners to keep their inventory up-to-date. At all times.

Imagine hanging Christmas lights throughout the virtual store. With that, you can create a magical ambiance or promote the new collection of watches.  With for example a high-res shot promotion video. Within virtual stores, a lot is possible to give your customers an innovative and unique experience.