AR Photobooths / Mirrors: The future for events and activations

We're excited to share that we have the newest tech possibilities regarding AR Photobooths / Mirrors. As people may have already seen, this innovative execution of the old-school booth is a great eye-catcher for any event. What makes an AR Photobooth more special than the one we are used to and how can it benefit your event in the best way possible? Let's dive into all the pros and cons (if there are any) and be amazed by how AR can elevate real-life fun.

Where can you use AR Photobooth/ Mirrors?

Photobooths at parties, events, or marketing activations are a classic for a reason: they're guaranteed fun and create those goofy (but awesome) pics we all love. But what if you could level things up a notch? Think of an AR Photobooth, or as some people may also call them, AR Mirrors, the newest tech around to level up any gathering. You see them coming up in different ways, like an AR Mirror inside a clothing store, inside a shopping window, during a brand event, a fun party or even a wedding.

Instead of plain backdrops and tired props, AR Photobooths / Mirrors throw your audience into the newest experience within AR. Imagine them playing around with familiar social filters like the Crying filter or Bold Glamour, exploring Mars, or even playing games together. The AR Photobooth / Mirrors let them experience AR in a whole new way, without even using their phone once, and all within the comfy confines of the booth.

So, why leave behind the old-school booth for this greater new tech? Here's the deal:

  • Insta-worthy content: AR effects create one-of-a-kind, shareable photos that'll have your guests dominating their feeds. No more boring selfies – these pics will have everyone asking, "How'd you do that?!"
  • Engagement on fire: AR booths are like little entertainment hubs. They draw people in, get the laughter flowing, and create a fun, interactive vibe that keeps the energy high.
  • Brand experience: Want to get your brand noticed? Customize the AR experience with your logo, colors, or even have guests pose with virtual versions of your products. It's a subtle but powerful way to get people talking.
  • Memories that last:  Let's be real, traditional photo strips are kinda forgettable. AR photos, on the other hand, are epic experiences your guests will treasure.

On top of all that, AR photobooths are super user-friendly. No hard tech skills needed – just step in, strike a pose, and prepare to be amazed. Have a look here how the AR can be used: 

So, if you're looking to add some serious wow factor to your next event or activation, embrace the future and have a look at the AR Photobooth. An AR Photobooth / Mirror is the best way to create unforgettable moments and leave your audience excited about your event. Want to know more on how to get this at your own event, party, or activation, contact us now!