Bring your AR filter to life

We already shared some awesome key takeaways on how to make your AR filter successful. We’ve talked about how you can make use of influencers. They can bring your AR filter to life, by giving attention to it and making sure the added value of the filter is top-notch! However, there are some tricks on how to spice up the organic reach ánd the statistics of the filter by following a few steps. We put together a shortlist of tips that every brand should follow to increase their organic reach.

Your demovideo says it all

Make sure the demo video that you represent is an appealing one. It should explain very well what the intention of the AR filter is. Think of a face game filter that for instance needs ‘mouth open’ interactions.  Another idea is to tap the screen to place a dancing character of your favourite movie in your own space. This demo video is the starting point of possibly going viral. So, make it count and be outstanding!

Instagram stories and feed

To make it shareable, make sure you emphasise where people can find the filter. One of the possibilities is to share a photo or video that’s made with your filter in your stories.

Ray-Ban example

We’ve done this for the Ray-Ban State Street filter we recently published for We created a quick video straight from the filter and shared it on our story. We included a reference to where our followers are able to try it out themselves and added a funny arrow giphy, pointing to the directly clickable Instagram AR link. In addition, you are also able to upload a photo or video to your feed, so your followers are able to find more information there.

filter viral
Ray-Ban filter

Get out of the Instagram zone

Why only bring your AR filter to life on your Instagram page? An easy way for users to access the filter is for instance sharing QR-codes with the AR filter attached. Another golden trick if you ask us, is to add a few extra letters behind the URL. This saves an extra click for your users. Interested in more info regarding augmented reality filters and the effect they have on us? Read the article here.

Thank us later

By adding ?refer=scan behind your link and attaching this to a QR-code, the AR effect will open directly. This QR-code can be printed, published, or for example even sent by post: the possibilities are endless.