Hair simulation with Snapchat's new feature

Hooray! We’ve got some exciting and exclusive news ;-). Are you ready for it? As an official partner of Snapchat, arfected has access to a new feature: Hair Simulation. This makes it possible to recreate amazing hairstyles with the endless possibilities that Lens Studio offers. In this blog we will tell you more about this new feature and how it can be used for your marketing!

What does this new feature do?

But first; let’s dive into the meaning of Hair simulation. This new feature makes it possible to recreate accurate hairstyles in all different kinds of styles and colors. It shows the reflection of light on the hair as it would in real life. Also, this feature makes it possible to have the hair move with your head, like actual hair would do. Sounds cool, right?

The benefits of Snapchat's hair simulation

Besides never having to worry about your bad hair days again (who can relate?), this feature is especially interesting within the music and beauty industry. Hair simulation makes it possible for; labels to recreate the looks of specific artists, but also for other fun ideas. For example; trying a new hair color before you dye it.

L'Oréal participates in hair simulation

The cosmetics brand L'Oréal also uses its simulation. For example, they offer a professional 3D hair make over tool on their website where you can match a different hair color to yourself! The palette you can choose from consists of: blonde, brown, red, copper and colorful. These colors then consist of several shades from which you can choose, how handy!

Another example: Garnier

Garnier also offers a virtual try-on where you can try on different hair colors. This in no less than three steps, whenever you want and wherever you are. If you are not sure yet wich hair color suits you best, you can do the color match test. This test also uses virtual hair simulation!

Want to take a look and find out all the other possibilities within Snapchat? Have a look at this article. Got your brain cracking with new insights on filters for your brand, let us hear your thoughts. 👀