Let's grow on TikTok

On to the exciting world of TikTok, the absolute game-changer platform for businesses! 🔥 In recent years, TikTok has experienced incredible growth and is now invaluable for businesses eager to keep up in the digital age. With its immense user base and powerful algorithm-driven recommendations, TikTok opens the door to endless opportunities to increase brand visibility and engagement to immersive growth (Geyser, 2023).

What makes AR crucial for companies aiming to expand their presence and thrive on TikTok?


Some examples of brands ahead of you in these TikTok trends: Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Stranger Things, see some more examples below! ✨

Examples of brands that have integrated with using AR on TikTok

MAC Cosmetics: MAC Cosmetics has used AR filters on TikTok that allow users to virtually try on different makeup products before making a purchase.
Burberry has employed AR filters to create interactive and immersive experiences, often aligning with their fashion and luxury branding.
Samsung has utilized AR effects on TikTok for product launches and promotions, allowing users to explore and engage with their latest devices.
Ralph Lauren:
The fashion brand Ralph Lauren has experimented with AR on TikTok to showcase its products in creative and interactive ways.
The fast-food chain Chipotle has run campaigns on TikTok that include AR elements, such as branded lenses and filters, to engage users in a playful and entertaining manner.
Warner Bros:
Movie studios, including Warner Bros., have used AR on TikTok to promote film releases, often creating themed filters or effects related to the movie.
NBA (National Basketball Association):
The NBA has incorporated AR on TikTok to enhance fan engagement, creating interactive filters and effects related to basketball events.

Shocking numbers

Ford x TikTok

The Ford brand has introduced its new pick-up Maverick on TikTok with an AR experience. Several influencers then shared the videos with the pickup truck in them. That generated 17,000 video creations with the effect, with a total of 10.6 billion views.

Fenty beauty x TikTok

Fenty Beauty introduced a TikTok filter where the user could try on different products to discover which shade of foundation best suited their skin. The filter got over 47k videos from users (Lenslist, 2023).

L’Oreal Paris x TikTok

The L'Oreal Paris's brand offers an AR filter focused on creating the perfect eyebrow look. The filter allows the user to practice drawing the perfect eyebrow. The AR filter went viral and received almost 42K videos from users (Lenslist, 2023).

arfected X TikTok

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TikTok effect house

Skyrocking arfected TikTok filters

In the past few months, we have grown tremendously. Our most viewed filters are:

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TikTok statistieken filters

A TikTok filter for your company

If your company has its own AR filter that becomes popular on TikTok, it can quickly go viral and be used by many users. This can lead to greater reach and exposure for your business. In addition, the enthusiasm of employees within your company will be so great that they will encourage others to try the filter as well 🤩. Curious to see more tips and tricks to create the best filters to grow your TikTok views and account? Check our page here.