Meta to deprecate AR Ads

Meta recently announced changes to its AR product offerings for businesses within Meta Spark Studio. In a move to simplify the process and focus on quality, Meta will no longer support ad effect experiences.

Here's what this means for businesses:

  • No More Ad Effect Experiences: You can no longer create AR experiences specifically for advertisements within Spark Studio. However, you can still create AR effects for organic use on Instagram and Facebook. (
  • Promote Your Effects in Other Ads: While ad effect experiences are no longer available, you can still promote your existing AR effects through other ad formats. (
  • Key Dates:
    • May 31st: This is the recommended last day to create and publish ad effects for advertisements. Existing AR Experience ads using approved effects will need to be completed and published by this date.
    • June 30th: This is the final day to create and publish ad effects. Any effects solely published for ads will no longer be visible after this date. Existing AR Experience ads will also stop running.
  • Maintain Visibility: To keep your AR effects accessible, you'll need to update them and publish them directly to Instagram or Facebook by June 30th. ( You can still access data and files for your ad effects.

Meta assures creators that this shift focuses on improving the overall AR product quality. They remain committed to empowering creators who develop AR effects for users across all their apps.

For a deeper dive into this change, visit the Meta Spark AR FAQ page: