Promote your AR filter on Instagram

Hooray! Your Instagram filter is live, congratulations! 🥳 But what to do with it now? This blog has some great insights, tips and tricks for you on how to best promote your AR filter on Instagram for some extra engagement.


Raise those stats by following our tips & tricks

First of all, it is important to start sharing the experience on your Instagram account. You may be wondering why? Let us explain! The Instagram AR filter is quite hidden. Therefore, you really have to perform a few clicks before you find your created piece of art. But, if you are actively sharing content with your AR filter on your Instagram stories and your feed, your followers will easily be able to find & access the AR filter and share it themselves. Hopefully resulting in a snowball effect! ❄️

In addition; did you know that you can save your filter-content that you shared on your stories in your highlights section?


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Source: Lensstudio


Influencers and Instagram filters

Influencers play a major role in promoting an AR filter. For instance, they can encourage their users to actively use a filter. Their high reach will also result on more people using your filter.

Some possible calls to action:

  1. ‘Try out the filter here’ – and point an arrow to the top right corner
  2. Make use of a sticker, the old ‘swipe up’ functionality that has a direct link to the filter

Instagram filter contest

Make your AR filter part of a winning contest. For example: let your followers create content with your filter, share it with their friends and get a chance to win something from your brand.

  • Tips on how to participate
  • Create content with our filter
  • Tag our brand

Out in the open

We’re almost there and have one last tip to share with you to answer the question how to promote your AR filter on Instagram. Another valuable addition to our insights lists is making use of QR-codes, anywhere you think your audience is. In addition to that, your Instagram filter can also be accessed through other online and offline channels. For instance:

  • A call to action button in your newsletter
  • An Out Of Home poster that contains a QR-code that leads to your experience
  • Through a landing page on your website
  • On your business card

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