Shopping with Social AR

The crazy face-altering AR camera effects are present in the most popular social media apps. Gen Z grew up with them, and for a few years now these AR camera effects are the missing features to bring all brands on board with Social AR. That’s where the company Bram founded, arfected, grew its roots.

Even though these AR effects get millions of views and shares, many brands and agencies seem hesitant in permanently adopting it in marketing strategies. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard the question: “But how does it translate to actual sales?” “What’s my ROI?“.

Enter: Snapchat’s Shopping Lenses.

What are Shopping Lenses?

Shopping Lenses on Snapchat combine commerce catalogs with augmented reality, providing users with a seamless shopping experience. That’s a lot of fancy words for: Snapchatters can try and buy products, without ever leaving the app.

How Do Shopping Lenses Work?

Shopping Lenses allow brands to connect their Product Catalogs to their AR Lens experiences. The Lens dynamically pulls in product-level information, such as product name and price, and presents it in new Lens Product Cards on the screen. Users can swipe between product cards, enabling different AR effects for each Product Card selected.

Personalisation is Key

One of the key benefits of Shopping Lenses is that they offer a personalised experience to users. AR allows products to be overlaid on the user’s face, body, or in their world, making the shopping experience more interactive and fun. It also adds to the buyer confidence.

Dynamic Updates and SKU-level Engagement

Shopping Lenses update product information dynamically, reflecting changes in the Product Catalog in real-time. This allows brands to showcase multiple products in AR, each with their own Lens Product Card that links out to the associated product URL from the Product Catalog. Brands can easily review SKU-level engagement for multiple products and check out organic engagement for their Public Profile. And when a product is out of stock (because it’s bound to, with this tech), it can automatically be hidden within the lens.

The Future of Commerce

Shopping Lenses are a significant step towards making AR the future of commerce. The missing feature that could bring all brands on board with Social AR, creating a seamless shopping experience for users and driving scale, efficiency, and performance for businesses. And finally getting those CMOs the answers to their ROI questions. Here's another article about shopping with augmented reality!

Ready to dive in?