Streamlining collaboration: Meta Spark's new permissions system

arfected is excited about the recent updates to permissions management on Meta Spark, announced on May 20th. We understand the challenges creators have faced when requesting access to brand accounts, particularly after the introduction of Meta accounts. These changes address those concerns and promise a smoother workflow for everyone involved in crafting engaging AR experiences.

Here's a breakdown of the key improvements:

  • Centralized Access Management:  Previously, sharing AR content access happened solely through Meta Spark Hub. Now, brands can manage access to all business assets, including AR filters, within the familiar environment of Meta Business Suite. This simplifies the process and eliminates the need to switch between platforms.
  • Granular Access Levels:  Brands now have greater control over the permissions granted to creators. Three different access levels allow for tailored roles within a campaign, ensuring everyone has the necessary tools while maintaining security. Additionally, brands can assign specific access for each asset, offering even more flexibility.
  • Goodbye Personal Accounts:  Both brands and creators can breathe a sigh of relief. Brands no longer need to use personal Facebook accounts to manage business accounts on Meta Spark. Creators can use their preferred business email for invitations, eliminating the need for personal Facebook details.
  • Seamless Communication:  Creators will receive clear email notifications when invited to collaborate through Meta Business Suite. This ensures they're always in the loop and can accept or decline invitations promptly. Brands can further customize notification settings for each collaborator, promoting clear communication.
  • Creator Self-Management:  Empowering creators, the update allows them to manage their contact information and even remove themselves from access lists directly within Meta Spark Hub. This fosters a sense of ownership and control over their collaborations.

Important Transition Note:

While these changes are positive, a crucial timeframe exists. The current AR Manager and permission group features on Meta Spark Hub will be sunset on June 17th, 2024. We strongly encourage all brands using these features to transition to Meta Business Suite before this date. Doing so ensures creators retain access to brand accounts and continued collaboration.

Existing AR Effects Remain Unaffected

Active AR effects will continue to function on client Instagram profiles without disruption, provided they were built using the latest version of Meta Spark Studio. However, creators might lose the ability to manage these effects until brands reinstate their permissions within Meta Business Suite.

Resources for a Smooth Transition

Meta Spark has updated its documentation with helpful visuals to guide both brands and creators through this transition. We recommend checking out the following resources for a smooth and successful switch:

arfected believes these updates will significantly enhance collaboration within the AR creator community. We're excited to see the innovative and engaging experiences creators bring to life with this streamlined approach!