The face behind arfected: Bram van de Ven

To introduce you to the face behind arfected, we asked Bram some fun questions. Let’s dive into it!

Hi Bram! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! I’m 27 years old and born and raised in the Netherlands. I love new technology and business development, both of which combine pretty well in my job of being the founder of arfected!

Where does your love for AR come from?

It all started when I first saw the imaginative power that augmented reality can have. AR seems to tap into a new part of my brain and I’m fascinated by it. The power to turn any brand, artwork, or meme into an experience that taps into that new part of the brain is something I deem very valuable.

When did you decide you want to work with AR for a living?

I was sold after seeing the impact it can have. Snapchat Lenses reaches millions of people in just a matter of weeks, with no advertising dollars. Combine that with a generation that is tired of being bombarded with static ads and you’ve got the groundwork for arfected.

What does an average workday look like?

I spend most of my time having calls with clients or new contacts, developing ideas, and drafting up proposals.

How are you keeping up with the latest trends and developments of AR?

I try to do a few projects myself, every now and then. Just to keep in touch with the software packages we use and to see what’s new. Other than that, it’s all about talking to the right people and having them spill their secrets!

What does the future of AR look like and how will that affect your business?

In the near future, I see AR becoming more and more accessible. With 5G being the new standard, we’ll be able to deliver our AR experiences to our users much quicker. And performance is only going to get better as the currently existing AR platforms mature. Besides a technological point of view, I strongly believe we as AR users will develop certain behaviors over the next few years. How we interact with this tech will determine its final shape of it.

In the not-so-near future, you will see that final shape take on a few different forms. There are still going to be phones that absolutely nail AR, but casually wearing headsets will become more and more accepted. And I seriously hope we can move away from our phones and have everything in contact lenses, so we can look straight ahead instead of down at a screen all the time (text neck, anyone?).

Any favourite filters / AR you want to share?

There’s one that comes to mind right away! ‘It’s always you’ by David O’Reilly – try it out yourself!

This speaks to me on so many levels. It’s fun, it’s weird, the storytelling is great. This a perfect example of an AR experience that will captivate you for a second.

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