Travelling in the world of AR

AR travel and AR tours are not only the future of travel but also the present of exploring the world! Already offering incredible experiences, these revolutionary technologies make it possible to enjoy travel and sightseeing in a whole new way. What are you waiting for to experience it for yourself?

Can you imagine it? A map with historical details, a fun fact emerging from different locations, or orientation guides using directional arrows displayed on your mobile as you walk through the streets? This and much more are possible in the world of AR. A piece of addition in the real world that makes everything way better (Galor, 2020).

 Source: tech2 News Staff, 2019


The role of AR in travel

Tourists can download AR apps that give them information about landmarks and historical sites as they walk through them. Through this application, it is possible to better understand the history of a place and have unique experiences that would otherwise remain hidden.

Empowering residents to discover hidden gems

AR guided tours are also used to help residents discover their new surroundings. Through AR maps and information, residents access information about interesting places and activities in their neighborhoods. In this way, they create new experiences and get to know their surroundings better (Total Reality, 2023).

Enhancing commuting experiences for passengers

AR can significantly improve public transportation. You have AR travel apps that show an interactive map view of roads and traffic, but also a new application: AR can turn a subway map into an interactive guide.

Source: Day, 2020

Real-time translation for seamless communication

In a foreign country, but you don’t understand a word of the language they speak there? Smartphones can be used to identify and translate foreign languages and characters. In addition, different types of accommodations can provide additional details to stand out. Consider showing recommendations from former travelers to help make a booking decision (Galor, 2020).

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