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The future of augmented reality is here and it’s going to change the way we see, buy and wear clothes forever. We have already seen some of the most innovative brands within the fashion industry using AR to create new experiences for their customers. In this blog we’ll explore how AR can be used to enhance our experience of fashion with an AR clothing try-on; a 3D model that the user can wear via an AR experience.

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AR try-on explained

Unlike a static image that is retroactively fitted in a digital garment, it behaves the same way as Snapchat face filters: when your body moves, the item reacts in sync, responding to the wearer’s movements, measurements, and environment in a way that appears to be realistic (source: VOGUE).

As fashion immerses itself in the metaverse, it can be separated into two forms: the combination of physical and digital, where clothing can be worn using augmented or virtual realities, and fully digital, where for instance items are sold directly to an avatar.

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 Source: VOGUE


Source: Lensstudio


Multiple 3D bodytracking

When Snapchat introduced full 3D body tracking last year, lots of brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Farfetch hopped on the trend to let users try on clothing in AR. With the latest feature, you can even try on the same clothes with your friends simultaneously.

The benefits of shopping in AR

No more commuting, no more ordering wrong sizes online and having to send items back. It sounds great right? Saving lots of money on returns and not having to worry about the rent of your physical store.

Sadly, the technique isn’t accurate enough to give a quality experience when trying on Augmented Reality clothing. However; there is another option. AR is the stepping stone to the Metaverse, but lots of people and brands don’t realize it yet. For instance; when they use an AR filter, because with that they are already experiencing the Metaverse (kind of).

Ever seen this before?

This is an example of a ‘fit guide’ from the Ralph Lauren site from 3 February 2022. Sadly, this isn’t the only brand still applying this old technique.

Wouldn’t it be amazing that every piece of clothing you’d buy only will always be the right size? Forget selecting your size, just buy the piece of clothing that you like. To make it even more interesting check out your piece of clothing on your avatar and let your avatar walk around your living room with AR. The options are endless.

From our point of view, right-size fitting clothing through AR will become available to the iPhones with LiDAR, but it could still take a while, despite that the tracking with LiDAR is way better than normal. We are not there yet, but will be! We wrote another article about the other possibilities with shopping and try-on's in AR. Read it here.

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Cover image: Unsplash

Ralph Lauren fit guide
  Source: Ralph Lauren


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