Spark's virtual store offers a seamless and engaging online shopping experience, replicating the in-store feel while bridging the gap between physical and online retail.


Spark, a telecommunications and digital services company in New Zealand, was challenged to adapt their customer experience during the COVID-19 pandemic with limitations on physical store access. Aiming to bridge the gap between physical and online shopping, Spark partnered with creative agency 99 to develop a first-of-its-kind virtual shopping experience in New Zealand.


3D model of Samsung S21 phone
Interactive 3D model of Samsung S21
  • Maintaining customer connection during physical store closures.
  • Replicating the familiar and engaging experience of in-store shopping online.

The Virtual Spark Store was built using 3D modeling and interactive design, allowing customers to:

  • Explore: Navigate a virtual replica of a Spark store, complete with a New Zealand-inspired waterfront setting.
  • Browse: Interact with 3D models of key products, view demos, and obtain product information.
  • Connect: Chat with virtual retail staff for personalized assistance and product inquiries.
  • Purchase: Seamlessly transition to the Spark website for secure online purchases.

Business Value

3D model of an XBOX
Interactive 3D model of XBOX
  • Replicated the In-Store Experience: The virtual store provided a familiar and interactive experience for customers, mimicking the physical shopping journey.
  • Enhanced Online Customer Service: Live chat functionality with virtual retail staff ensured personalized support and engagement.
  • Bridged the Virtual-Physical Gap: The virtual store served as a bridge between the online and physical worlds, maintaining customer connection and promoting a future-focused retail strategy.

Spark's virtual store successfully tackled the challenge of adapting the retail experience during the pandemic, demonstrating the potential of innovative solutions to bridge the gap between physical and online worlds. This project serves as a model for reimagining retail experiences, prioritizing customer connection and building a successful future for omnichannel sales and service.

Chris Fletcher, Spark Consumer Channels Lead
"Unlike our usual website, the virtual store mimics the way people are used to shopping in a bricks and mortar store, and provides customers with a unique, useful and enjoyable experience,"