TikTok effects: do's & don'ts

Oh how time flies! It’s been a few weeks since TikTok effect house came into our lives. And if it’s up to us, TikTok effects are where all the fun is! With this new feature, the options are (almost) endless! But how does your effect become successful? Well, buckle up your seatbelts, because we’ll tell you all about it in this blog!🚀

TikTok effects explained

We don’t blame you (okay maybe a little). The past few weeks have been all about TikTok, so we understand that you might be a bit lost in TikTok land. To refresh your memory: a few weeks ago the platform launched TikTok Effect House. This is a new feature which allows users to create Augmented Reality experiences for TikTok. This means that your effect can be used by any TikTok user worldwide. But, what are the do’s and don’ts when we talk about these effects?

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TikTok effects do’s:

1: keep it simple

TikTok effects allow you to create a fun experience for your audience. However, don’t forget to keep the overall user experience in mind. Having too many triggers or complicated elements can be disruptive to the overall user experience. To increase its chances of being used, your effect should be easily understandable. A great way to show users how your effect works is to include instructions that explain how to use it; but keep these simple too👀 (source: TikTok).

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2: invite users to tell your story

Every brand has a story to tell and TikTok effects are the perfect way to share yours. In a world where people are looking for brands that align with their values and beliefs, it has never been more important to get your story across. Give thought to how you can create effects where users actively interact with the effect. Our advice: make your audience fall in love with your brand by creating a story that they can be a part of.

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3: inspire & innovate!

We’ve got one more ‘do’ that we’d like to share with you. That’s keeping in mind that the most popular effects aren’t necessarily the fanciest ones. They should encourage users to interact with them by using the effect in creative ways. As a pioneer in the Augmented Reality field, you have the chance to push the boundaries of what can be done in the world of effects. Experiment with new visual and audio formats and storytelling tools. Try staying on top of the latest trends on the platform.


TikTok effects don'ts:

1: hop on too late

Now let’s dive into the ‘don’ts’ when creating a TikTok effect. We’ve already put into words why it’s important to create easy usable effects. Therefore, this probably won’t come out of the blue. Having a super complex effect is definitely something you want to think about twice. Not only takes it longer to develop, but it could also mean that you’re missing out on other relevant trends.

2: promote your brand too obviously

Last but not least; people should use your effect, because it’s fun and they want to engage with it. Not because they feel like having to promote your brand among their followers. Therefore, it’s essential to strike a good balance in promoting your brand, in a way which makes it fun for the user to interact with. The result? People promoting your brand ‘unconsciously’ in a way they enjoy! What can we say, balance is key right?👻

Some interesting stats:

(1) 79% of TikTok users prefer when brands show they understand TikTok videos and don’t just try to make ads.
(2) 78% of users agree that the best brands on TikTok are those that feel like they’re sharing ideas and working together with users.
(3) 67% said that TikTok helps them get ideas about brands/products they've never thought of before.

Source: (1) TikTok, (2) TikTok, (3) Bangkok Post

TikTok effects for your brand

TikTok is right here, and it doesn’t seem to leave anytime soon. As their Augmented Reality functionality & capabilities continues to grow, we are very excited to see what the future holds. Got your 🧠 cracking with new insights on TikTok effects for your brand, let us hear your thoughts. 👀

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