TikTok Effect House

Creating augmented reality TikTok filters? It’s possible! From now on, the platform introduces TikTok #EffectHouse. This new feature allows users to create augmented reality experiences for TikTok, which will ultimately be usable in the app. The last few months we’ve been creating filters in TikTok and we are very excited to be finally able to tell you more about it!

TikTok filters arfected

Puppet master

Always wanted to know what it’s like to be controlled with strings like a puppet? With our most viewed TikTok filter you will turn into a real puppet master. We are happy to share the jaw dropping effect performance of this filter with you.

2,348,854 views | 85,161 likes | 4538 shares
TikTok fitler arfected - fullbody tracking
TikTok filter arfected Bones or No Bones

Bones or no bones

Especially for all dog lovers out there, we’ve created the bones or no bones filter. Tap your screen to see all the dog bones flying through the air. After that? You will have a very happy dog. Use the #bonesornobones hashtag on TikTok when using our filter, so we can give your video a like!

607,515 views | 18,254 likes | 1367 shares

21 questions

Are you searching for ice breaking questions? Then we’ve got 21 questions for you! Get to know your fellow TikTokkers better or use the filter for instance on a Friday night out with your friends.

72,782 views | 2326 likes | 97 shares
TikTok filter arfected 21 questions

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Want to try out the filters we’ve created for TikTok? Scan these TikTok filter codes within the TikTok app to open them on your phone!

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Are you ready to explore the possibilities of creating a TikTok filter for your brand? Let us know your crazy ideas, we are ready for them! In addition, we would love to tell you all about the possibilities and functionalities that TikTok filters have and come up with concepts for your campaigns.

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