arfected FAQ

Any question about what Augmented Reality specifically is, how arfected works and how you are able to try out our AR-filters yourself? 🤯

We have gathered a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions and hope you are able to find the right answers!

What is Augmented Reality?

Adding a digital (content) layer over reality, where things can be placed on or around the user or his/her environment and can respond to it.

What is the added value of AR?

This is a question we hear quite often, but we can tell you: it is a great technology that has different added values, depending on the goal you want to achieve with it for your own brand. arfected stands for creating AR content that has impact, engagement, and most of all fun.  

Our promise, therefore, is: “Provide the opportunity for brands to appear in what normally are private conversations.”

What are the benefits to using AR for my brand?

AR has a 4x longer view time than video. It has an awareness increase of up to 80%. Conversion rates increase by 90% for consumers engaging with AR compared to those that don’t.


What is the expertise of arfected | Immersive Digital Experiences?

Our in-house team is an ideal mix for creating jaw-dropping AR content. Our team consists of creative direction, graphic design, 3D modelling, and development heroes - the ultimate combination for a great AR Experience. Next to that, we are also able to help you out with inspiring you about how to use AR within your marketing strategy, based on many different best practices.

Want to know more about the people behind arfected? Check out our expertise here!

What does the process look like?

We love to be part of the AR Experience from a very early stage - may it be from the moment that you thin ‘uh, I would love to have an AR Experience but I don’t know what kind of’ or if you have a full brief ready, we are always more than happy to have a look at your thoughts and concepts to see if we can help it fine-tune even more.

Once we have established a full brief, our team starts developing. Our Project Managers make sure to keep you updated and give you two opportunities to provide feedback during the share of a V1 and a V2.

What are the costs?

We treat each AR experience differently and would love to help you finalize an amazing concept. Therefore, we do not have any pre-set costs but always let you know a ballpark cost. It really depends on the complexity and the type of assets that we will include in the AR Experience.

Do you have any best practises?

We have worked with AR since the very beginning of the start of Instagram and Snapchat AR filters. Over the years, we have definitely learned what works best and how to optimize an awesome AR filter. Do you have any cool ideas already or do you want to have a quick brainstorm chat? Let us know!

How do I upload the filter

Our team is able to assist you with the upload of the filter by adding us as an AR Manager (IG / FB) or to your Snapchat account. Once the final test filter has been approved, our team can quickly start the review process and keep an eye on the progress. We will provide you with a step-by-step guideline on how we can assist you. 

Can I try out some of your work?

Definitely! We are very proud of the work we do and are more than excited for you to try it out. Check out our recent work here. Do you have any questions about a specific experience? Get in touch.

How do I raise the statistics of my AR experience?

With over 200 AR experiences, we have collected some best practices on how to raise the statistics of your AR Experience. Social AR filters seem to work very well in terms of high reach. If there is a specific shareability factor within the AR filter, these numbers aim to go sky high! Think of involving influencers, a winning contest, or giving the filter some extra attention by creating an Ad.

Can we work with a QR-code?

Yep, definitely! All effects, may they be Social AR or Web AR, all of them have their own unique URL which you are able to connect to a self-made QR-code. People can easily scan the QR-code on an Out Of Home poster or on a flyer for example and access the AR experience. We have seen some great examples such as a big bus station poster, or on a can - it’s a matter of scanning and getting emerged in the AR experience through your smartphone.