Make TikTok filters go viral

Our TikTok filters are going viral all over the world

At arfected, we release TikTok filters on our own account from time to time. These often consist of simple memes, that are filters which are made out of trends. Our developers like to think of creative ideas that could possibly go viral. They can try out new stuff on Effect House that we do in between projects.

And over the past few months, we've seen the popularity of these filters TAKE OFF 🚀 everywhere. Here are a few examples:
🦨 Pedro Pedro Pedro filter (all last week)
Views: 5.7M
Video posts: 95K

⬇️ Avatar State (87% of traffic from US)
Views: 77M (all last month)
Video posts: 8K

💀 Dumb Ways to Die
Views: 369M (19M last month)
Video posts: 1.5M

⚡ Xray Vision
Views: 420M (12M last month)
Video posts: 487K

These are our developer's tips for creating viral TikTok filters:

  1. Keep the process short
  2. Find a fitted trend
  3. Make it simple

Keep the process short:
Attention spans are fleeting on TikTok. Design your filter experience to be quick and easy to use. Users should be able to jump in, play with the effect, and create a video within seconds. Also don't take too much time editing the filter, you want to hop on a trend as quickly as possible, when you stay too focused on the asset quality of the filter, you will lose more and more time your filter can go viral.

Find a fitted trend:
Look for popular challenges, dances, or audio clips that your filter can enhance. On TikTok Creative Center, you can find the top list trending hashtags, sounds, creators and TikTok video's. You can categorize per country and find a trend that could boost the virality of your TikTok filter. This taps into existing user engagement and gives your filter a built-in audience.

Make it simple:
Don't overwhelm users with complex controls. Focus on a clear and concise effect with minimal adjustments. The easier it is to understand and use, the more likely it is to be adopted by creators. For example, the Avatar State is activated by blinking, the other filter requirers no instructions at all. That's why people can use it very easily and the filters had more chance of going viral on TikTok.
All in all, we're consistently getting 100M+ views on our filters each month. Without spending a single dollar on advertising, this is purely organic reach! It shows the importance of brands hopping on viral trends on TikTok so fast, because the reach of TikTok can increase quickly. Follow us on TikTok to discover our latest viral TikTok filters.