Dive into the success story of Oatly’s immersive 3D Instagram filter. Learn how we seamlessly integrated their brand aesthetic, engaged a younger audience, and achieved remarkable user interaction. Explore the synergy of creativity and social tech that transformed a brand campaign into an unforgettable user-driven journey.

GIF of Instagram filter Oatly


Collaborating directly with the Oatly marketing team in Sweden, we brought their campaign to life.

The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the Oatly brand aesthetic into a 3D model, ensuring the filter resonated with the campaign’s vibe and appealed to a younger target audience.


Brand Aesthetic Integration: Merging the distinct look and feel of Oatly into the 3D model and overall filter design presented a creative challenge. Precision was key to maintaining brand identity.

Engaging a Younger Audience: Ensuring the filter was not just on-brand but also fun and captivating for a younger demographic added an extra layer of complexity. Striking the perfect balance was paramount.

Business value

The impact of our solution speaks volumes:

User Engagement: A staggering 43% of individuals who encountered the filter on social media embraced it, applying it to their own faces.

Playtime Success: Users spent an average of 32 seconds immersed in the AR experience, a testament to the filter’s engaging and captivating nature.

3D render of Oatly character

This case study exemplifies the synergy of creativity and social tech, transforming a brand campaign into an interactive, user-driven experience that resonates with Oatly’s target audience.

Anni Tjebbes – Project Manager Social Media
“Thanks for a great job! I really enjoyed working with you.”