We empowered influencer to share an out-of-this-world unboxing experience, making it easy for them to craft captivating social content that skyrocketed shareability.

Stranger Things Netflix Quiksilver Instagram filter


In collaboration with Quiksilver, a French fashion brand, and Netflix, our challenge was to amplify the Stranger Things clothing line. Our strategy involved an influencer unboxing experience, brought to life through augmented reality (AR) and image tracking on Instagram. The goal: engage influencers and their audiences in a visually stunning and immersive experience.


Working with Netflix assets: handling assets directly from Netflix posed challenges, from file size constraints to adapting animations and compressing texture files. Everything from 3D models, to sound effects and images had to fit in the 4MB available within an Instagram filter. Our task was to transform these assets into Social AR-compatible elements while maintaining visual integrity.

Creating a captivating experience: Tailoring the AR experience to be short, fun, and captivating for a younger audience was crucial. Striking a balance between engaging influencers and entertaining their followers added an extra layer of complexity. We used recognisable elements from the Stranger Things series, and made them fun to play with in AR.

Business value

Influencer Engagement: Over 1,000 influencers embraced the AR filter on the influencer box, triggering a viral effect among their followers and generating substantial hype.

Instagram Impact: The Instagram filter garnered over 50,000 impressions, with more than 10,000 uses. Users spent an average of 20 seconds interacting with the augmented reality. Given the short attention span of the audience, 20 seconds of interaction underlines the level of user engagement and shareability.

This case study exemplifies the power of immersive tech in transforming traditional marketing into a dynamic, interactive, and shareable experience that captivates both influencers and their digitally savvy audiences.

Arthur Pommiers – Quiksilver Marketing Coordinator EMEA
“The overall look and the animation is working very well and we are happy with the outcome!”