This case study introduces an immersive way for users to virtually try on different sunglasses of the luxury brand Dolce&Gabbana. This AR experience simplifies the try-before-you-buy concept and encourages users to share their stylish moments on social media.


In collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana for their Eyewear 2021 campaign, we transformed the way users experience fashion.

Multiple AR experiences were rolled out on Instagram and Facebook, allowing Dolce&Gabbana fans to try out their preferred sunglasses effortlessly and share their experiences across various social channels. They could engage with a variety of sunglasses, making high fashion accessible at their fingertips. And thus, creating the ability to rock luxury fashion for everyone with a very low barrier of entry.


Highly realistic 3D modeling: It was key to create visually appealing 3D models for the 13 sunglasses while still focussing on the realistic details of the sunglasses for the immersive experience to reach that level of excellence.

Translate the luxurious essence: Ensuring a high-fidelity and fashionable appearance requires meticulous attention to detail, employing techniques like subtle shadow effects on the face and a nuanced color overlay.

Business value

Impressive audience: The impact of this immersive campaign resonated across social platforms, reaching an audience of 2.1 million. 

Effective interactions: Almost 2 million individuals actively engaged with the filter, indulging in a personalized exploration of their favorite Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses.

The success of the campaign underscores the effectiveness of merging high fashion with augmented reality, creating an accessible and enticing experience for a diverse audience.

Irena Todorovic – Head of Global Media
“Thank you very much for sharing the new filters, we are happy with the results! It was wonderful to work with you.”