AR in 2022 🔮

What a year it has been, again! Also for the arfected team. We’ve doubled the number of colleagues – settled in an awesome new office (which we, unfortunately, cannot fully occupy yet), and created some jaw-dropping AR experiences for some next-level brands. Another year where some great new AR features were launched by Spark AR and Lens Studio. As well as growing opportunities for Web AR platforms. 

Same as we did last year, we’ve grabbed our Magic Bowl again and had a look at what’s to come from AR in 2022 with all arfected team members. Check out our predictions down below.

AR all day, every day

Augmented Reality is here to use for everyone with a smartphone. With only a few clicks, a fun Snapchat filter can be opened or even a couch can be portrayed at scale in your own living room. Almost all team members of arfected think that AR will be used for more in the everyday life. For instance: shopping, easily try clothing, accessories, and products try-out!

AR will be more integrated in everyday shopping experiences

More focus on connected experiences

Some of us mentioned that they hope to see more online connected experiences through AR. These may be fun games that can be played with multiple people or a ranking board. Everyone is looking for a bit more connectivity these days. AR will be a perfect tool to help this happen. Next to that, we have recently developed over 10 engaging video calling effects for Meta. We keep you posted so you are able to try them out yourself soon. (58)

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Machine learning optimisation

Machine learning in AR has been out there already. A lot of our team members are excited about what’s about to be rolled out with regards to Machine Learning. This will definitely enhance an instant experience and create some mind-blowing effects for the users.

Other platforms

Aside from the recent visual additions Machine Learning brings to Snapchat, more elements will spread to other platforms, especially the web. For instance: machine learning audio experiences, image recognition and tracking other surfaces than just your floor.

AR as a key component of campaigns

Reading these predictions for 2022, we think that AR can become an even bigger part of a brand’s marketing campaign. We are very excited to help brands think along during the development of their campaigns. We will support them where AR can be of added value.

Proud 2021 moments

And now that the end of 2021 is near, it is also important to reflect back and celebrate the great collaborations, new colleagues, and all that’s about to come.

We are looking at arfected 3.0. A new step towards the future. Our company will become stronger in terms of marketing, corporate identity, and portfolio. We have lots of things planned. Checkout what our founder has planned for 2022!

‘’In 2022 I hope to lead our amazing team to more innovation, while we continue to be on the forefront of exciting new features across platforms. We have a lot of work planned behind the scenes, to make sure we can keep delivering best-in-class AR experiences for our clients all over the world!’’ Bram, Founder