How AR enhances the recruitment process

Augmented reality has the potential to change the way of working. Today we’re discussing AR in the world of recruitment and how AR enhances the recruitment process.

Streamline recruitment

Today’s job landscape has become competitive. Companies need new tools to spice things up a bit. Technologies, for instance AR, can make a difference. They help recruiters identify the perfect match for the job. In another article we wrote about the effect of AR on the brain.

Use of gamification

Use gamification in your recruitment process: a simulation tool. It helps you find the perfect fit and has multiple advantages. For example:

  • Playing a game requires effort and commitment. Forcing people to think whether it’s worth their time. Therefore, candidates who are less interested might self-select out.
  • You can identify people their actual skills and abilities early on.
  • Gamification makes your recruitment process more interactive and fun. 
Van Gogh AR Portal

Virtual workplace tours

In addition, Augmented reality can be an effective way to show employees what their future workplace will look like. Resulting in gaining a better understanding of what the job really contents.


The example of the British Army shows another advantage of using AR in recruitment. Training your candidates and new recruits directly. Its ability to create an engaging environment. An individual can experience the real-world. 


In conclusion, a new employee must experience the best on-boarding. This can be achieved by using AR. Therefore, they can explore the values of the organisation virtually.

The future looks bright for AR technology. Many companies are looking at ways in which they can integrate it into their businesses. A forward-thinking approach to technology seems to be more important than ever. Therefore, Augmented Reality is an innovative way to take your recruitment to the next level.